Fun things to do In California

1. San Diego has a lot of options included the San Diego Zoo, Sea World, and the Animal park in Escondido. Yes, California is just a busy state that a lot of people to go around visiting the area. There are beaches everywhere with some amazing spots to visit and take plenty of pictures everywhere, the beaches, the sunsets, and sharing them on social media. This weekend I got to visit the Santa Monica Beach and it was pretty neat and got to ride the Ferris Wheel. Had an amazing time and crossed off my bucket list of things to do and finish them.

2. California is full of adventure, and so many great attractions to visit and to enjoy the time while you have.

3. Amusement Parks – California is full of them. Here is my list: Sea World, San Diego Zoo, the Wild Animal Park, Knott’s Berry Farm, Six Flags, DisneyLand, California Adventure, and Universal Studios.

10 Rules of Traveling

Here are some tips on what to have with you on taking a trip or a road trip on the go. Cause you always have to have these things with you…

1. The reason to Smile.
Why I said that, is cause if someone smiles at you then you should always smile back and be happy to share the smile from your face.
2. Pack less..
Tip, I learned to always pack on just what you only need to use. Plus do not carry a bunch of things that can make your bag heavy.
3. Be flexible.
You just want to be comfortable while traveling either way to travel.
4. Think..
Think about what your going to say, before telling that person.
5. Always pack a snack or lunch.
Tip: Do not leave with out something to eat, and come prepared with food.
6. Don’t forget your Chargers
There is always something that your always forgetting is a charger for a phone or a tablet and then you end up with buying another one.
7. Be Kind.
8. Be Positive.
Tip: Be in a good mood, and focus on being positive in your life.
9. A kind of gift.
Tip: Be prepared to share a kind gift.
10. Remember this list.

Friends are special..

Friends are special to all of us, and because we have a special bond with them as much as we stay in contact. My friends are all over the world. I find friends in a special area that I have lived in many area’s of California. But if they move away or something, it’s okay because we can always be in contact with social media these days. Friends are special, yes they are.

January Blog of 2017

This feeling deep inside that makes you feel so good that you just want to share it with everybody and the world that something new is going to happen soon. I just know it and it is going to be the best thing coming soon enough. It is all about making things happen in your life.
The best thing of this year is that I plan to write more, to make more poetry, more positive messages in my artistic paintings, and to be more smarter about blogging more too. This year is about making things happen for me and in my world today. Most of all is about being me and being confident with positive attitude towards messages of Hope and Love.

By G.G.

Christmas Cheer 2016

It’s that time for Christmas cheer, followed by the feeling of cold days and nights. I like this time for the Christmas spirits to help us stay in a good mood. This time of year makes us laugh, to be merry with our families, to have a good time. Its the reason to the season to enjoy life and live it well.

this year has been a good one for me, just waiting my turn to see what is going to happen next year for me and my art work and school. I am ready for a fun year in college and next semester will be better. I am taking water color class in the art room, but it should be fun. It should be fun for me to learn. I am ready to learn new things, and make more art for sure next year. And plus hopefully more places for my installation to go to, I hope to see my installation at least one day at a gallery or somewhere to attend the show. I am ready to show my true colors in more artwork, and new paintings. Be updating on my website next year too. (check out my website)

December Life..2016

Gee it’s that time already when the one holiday has gone by already and Christmas is just around the corner. I can’t believe it, with finishing with classes and everything else is going smoothly. I just can’t seem to believe that this year really has been a good year already. Gone so fast and I am still hanging in their with Final’s in college. I am so glad things are getting better and a bit easier for me. I love the cold front of the winter that we are having, the time to wear jackets, and sweaters. To long pants, leggings, tights, and warmer clothes this time of the year. It really has felt like winter. It is that time of the year to be merry, and jolly with your families. Every year it is different but special in some kind of the year.

Happy Thanksgiving 2016

Just wanted to wish all the readers, and people who celebrate thanksgiving in the world. It is a time to be thankful and happy times with your family. From me to you, I wish everyone a good happy time with their families and to be thankful.