What makes a good friend?

Recently I have been attending a group club for special needs, we basically talk about different topics and subjects. I got this flyer and been wanting to make this into a blog to post about. So here is this week’s blog:

“What makes a good friend?”

Sharing of common interests: Friends share similar interests, likes, and hobbies. Common interests give you things to talk about and do together.

Caring: Good friendships are based on fondness, warmth, affection and mutual caring. Caring involves feeling and showing compassion, concern and empathy.

Support: Support involves providing help and assistance when needed. Support includes giving encouragement and reassurance when times are hard.

Mutual Understanding:  Your friend gets you and understands your likes and dislikes. Your friend understands (or even anticipates) your thoughts and feelings.

Commitment and Loyalty: commitment is a promise that you’ll be there for each other in tough times. Loyalty includes actions that show your support and allegiance.

Honest and Trust: Without honesty there is little trust or security in friendship. Trust is an assurance that your friend will support you and have your back.

Equality: Equal friendships, no one person dominates the other. The needs of both are equally important, and enjoyment is reciprocal and shared.

Ability to Self Disclose: Self-Disclosure is sharing your private thoughts, feelings and history. Even casual friends share at least some thoughts and feelings with one another.

Conflict Resolution: Even close friends argue from time to time, but they can resolve conflict is often determined by caring, commitment and trust.

(until the next one- I write)


today’s thoughts

There are things on my mind and what I am going to post about this week on my blog, I am slowly but surely trying my best to get some more blogs posted this week during my spring break. At least I am on a roll and getting some blogging done this week. Trying my best to catch up on everything and some new poems as well. For now I am just adding this quick small blog and to clear my head, it it good to get things done this week. I have been writing as well for free time journaling to starting a new journal this week. It is time for new things to start fresh and after ending a year of thoughts written down.

I tossed and typed up an old notebook while it was getting old and in bad shape. Some journal just look like their ready to fall apart, one thing I like the best is already having a new journal that is already in my box saying tis time to use me. Writing is a good thing, to use and to have on hand to clear your thoughts for any day you feel like saying it in your journal on hand but next you for anything at all. One tip from me, don’t put your grocery list in it, cause you might need it in your pocket later on.

Collections we had..

I was thinking about collections..  there are so many kinds of collections that we all have had. Ever since we grown up as kids, we had different things we used the most in our times.  Our memories of what we liked to do the most of, until we found something we all loved. For me books were my toys.

Here is a list of books I was into the most.. and read..

  • The baby-sitters club series – read and had all the books at one time in my life until it was time to pass them down to my cousins and grew out of them.
  • Boxcar children series
  • a series of unfortunate events series
  • Goosebumps series – at least half way of the series
  • Chronicles of Narnia series
  • Nancy Drew series

Spring Break

Yes, so this is the week of my spring break and that means staying up at night and get to sleep in as much as possible. It is just about relaxing and taking a break from college for a few days. I plan on doing these simple 5 steps.
1. Rest and Relax
2. Stay busy with activities during the week.
3. Seeing the coast, the beach, and with friends.
4. To be in a peaceful mood, and stay positive.
5. Follow my Instagram posts: gabbyspurplelife

Art news..

The good thing happened this week, and it was about my art installation. It was all a good thing and glad I called to make sure that my hopes are for my future are good. Turns out my art installation is going to Sacramento and still exciting to share this news with everyone else. I am looking forward to a trip in June and going to see my installation in the show or where it is going to be with more details going to be posted soon enough.

Fun things to do In California

1. San Diego has a lot of options included the San Diego Zoo, Sea World, and the Animal park in Escondido. Yes, California is just a busy state that a lot of people to go around visiting the area. There are beaches everywhere with some amazing spots to visit and take plenty of pictures everywhere, the beaches, the sunsets, and sharing them on social media. This weekend I got to visit the Santa Monica Beach and it was pretty neat and got to ride the Ferris Wheel. Had an amazing time and crossed off my bucket list of things to do and finish them.

2. California is full of adventure, and so many great attractions to visit and to enjoy the time while you have.

3. Amusement Parks – California is full of them. Here is my list: Sea World, San Diego Zoo, the Wild Animal Park, Knott’s Berry Farm, Six Flags, DisneyLand, California Adventure, and Universal Studios.

10 Rules of Traveling

Here are some tips on what to have with you on taking a trip or a road trip on the go. Cause you always have to have these things with you…

1. The reason to Smile.
Why I said that, is cause if someone smiles at you then you should always smile back and be happy to share the smile from your face.
2. Pack less..
Tip, I learned to always pack on just what you only need to use. Plus do not carry a bunch of things that can make your bag heavy.
3. Be flexible.
You just want to be comfortable while traveling either way to travel.
4. Think..
Think about what your going to say, before telling that person.
5. Always pack a snack or lunch.
Tip: Do not leave with out something to eat, and come prepared with food.
6. Don’t forget your Chargers
There is always something that your always forgetting is a charger for a phone or a tablet and then you end up with buying another one.
7. Be Kind.
8. Be Positive.
Tip: Be in a good mood, and focus on being positive in your life.
9. A kind of gift.
Tip: Be prepared to share a kind gift.
10. Remember this list.