What do I know about Relationships? I know that some guys are jerks in your  past life, and that you can find another right guy for the future. I am just waiting for the right guy to find my life interesting and loves to know what I love best about me.

Be who you are, be heard and be proud of yourself and your body.

Not everyone knows the real you, a lot of us don’t know everyone. Be proud of your background and who you are.

I may know something about relationships cause I used to, relationships are tough and you grow that relationship together and make it work. They are based on growth, having a family, strength, Love, and Trust.

Something else I want to say about Relationships, It just takes time to find the right guy and follow your heart to find the right person. Let friends and family who do love you, will help somehow. Go to social Activities and Parties, and maybe church will help. Knowing that it will happen, when it takes place in the future.


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